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April 07, 2014

The Truth About The Afterlife

Acknowledge Your Divinity! Become a pure, pristine channel of divine light and love.
American Vernon Overy has been in touch with the 'other' world for years. During his communication with the residents of the astral world on his face there can suddenly appear a beard, a lot of hair, etc. thus assuming an external similarity to the invisible interlocutor. Sometimes there appear glasses on his face, earrings, his nose looks longer...
When he realized his ability Overy started doing sessions and demonstrations in various countries. According to him, the spirits use him to help the living by answering their questions.
The inhabitants of outer world possess invaluable knowledge and are willing to share it in our dreams. For example, Elias Howe dreamed about a needle hole and thus he got the idea of the sewing machine. Charles Boy he dreamed about a gas counter and Mendeleev -about the periodic table of chemical elements.
"Life does not end with death'', says Vernon Overy, ''It is just getting started. Our world is just a training ground for the transition to the real world, to our true purpose . People are in need of talented mediums through which they can connect with the afterlife and know the truth. And then they will decrease their fear from death. Thus they can safely step into their new afterlife."

In his book "The Medium," created by his "automatic writing", Overy tells us about a British pianist Jesse Shepard, born in 1843, who knew how to connect with the afterlife. He was a good musician, but when he learned how to communicate with the inhabitants of the outer world, he became a virtuoso performer. Liszt, Chopin, Mozart, Berlioz played through him. Thus he explained his surprising abilities. - Sometimes when the room was darkened during Shepherd's performance the audience noticed how the keys on the piano were pressed not by two, but by four hands.
"Everyone has spiritual leaders that lead us in our life. Maybe you do not know, but they are always with you",believes Overy.
According to him the most valuable piece of work of the medium is healing. In one of his books he talks about the family of William and George Brown of Georgia. They were ''ethereal'' surgeons. It has been known that each of us has an ethereal body along with our physical body. All the organs, nerves and tissues absolutely exactly repeat the physical, material body. But the ethereal shell can only be seen by the one that has the gift of being a medium.
"Ethereal surgeons' operate that body invisible to most of us. They see it as clearly as we all see the physical body. The main effect of the "terrestrial surgery" is that when an operation of the ethereal body is done, that intervention is perceived by the physical one as well and it has a healing effect on it too. The patient on the operating table is subject to a particular anesthesia, but he is still conscious. Then the ethereal body rises a few inches above the physical one and ''the ethereal surgeon" performs the necessary manipulations over it.
When asked if we should mourn over our dead relatives, Overy gives us the following answer: "When dying, we leave the our body worn out body and go to other areas of life. And we can always go back to our relatives and friends who are staying on earth, to see what they are doing or thinking. But we cannot communicate with those who grieve too much lamenting our death. When you cry for us, we also cry because we know that your grief is useless because we are alive and healthy, and your tears cause us suffering. Sooner or later you will surely meet us, never having to separate again.
Everything in our life is energy.
Our emotions and thoughts create our natural vibration.
Allow your Soul to shine through you thus creating the Life that you want and deserve.

''Giving love to all, 
feeling the love of God, 
seeing His presence in everyone . . . . 
that is the way to live in this world.''

- Paramahansa Yogananda

We were all born with a luminous body. This is our birthright, because in the Incan belief we are Children of the Sun..
runa kurku k'anchay =the luminous body 
We are all vibrating pulsing bodies of energy. It is only hucha, heavy energy, usually stemming from fear, that makes our luminous body dense. In this time, the time of the New Pachakuti, we are all being given the opportunity to shed our hucha and once again open our hearts and thus our true nature begins to shine. 
This is our duty as we are all people of the light. The ones who agree to bring the light to others.. 

Every morning as we greet the Sun, we commit to doing our best to let the negative drain away so that we may bring the light in and therefore give others permission to do the same. 

images due to LightworkerAct

A Parable About The Mirrors

Receiver of vibration patterns

I read a Taoist parable and would like to share it with you. It explains the law of attraction and the power of our own subjective perception of the surrounding world.

Once upon a time there was a king. He built a huge palace. It was a palace with millions of mirrors. Everything, the walls, floors and ceilings were covered with mirrors.

Once a dog ran in the palace. He looked into the mirrors and saw many dogs around him. They were everywhere. And being smart enough, the dog snarled and showed his teeth to protect himself in case the millions of dogs around him attack him. He wanted to scare them. In response all the dogs snarled. The dog began to growl - against him all his dogs did the same.

Now the dog was certain that his life was in danger and started to bark. It began to bark with all his might, very desperately. But once he barked, the millions of dogs started barking as well. And the more he barked, the more they barked back.

Next morning the guards found a poor dead dog lying on the floor. And he was just there, there was no one else there near his body, only the millions of mirrors. Nobody had fought with him because there was no one to do that, but he saw himself in the mirror and got scared. And when he began to fight, the reflections in the mirrors also entered the battle. He died in the fight against millions of his own reflections, surrounding him from all sides.

If there are no obstacles inside you, you will face no obstacles outside you, nothing can stand in your way. That's the law of life.

The world is only a reflection, it is a huge mirror. And so if you think negatively that's what you will bring in. If you think positively that's what you will bring in.

"You are a transmitter and a receiver of vibration patterns. The patterns that you transmit are the patterns that you receive."

~Christine Breese

Source 1.
Art courtesy of Martin's Art Dimension

Space Magic

April 06, 2014

The Seven Chakras - The Gates of Life

Our physical body

"The rhythm of the body,
the melody of the mind,
and the harmony of the soul
create the symphony of life."

~B.K.S. Iyengar

The idea of the chakras - the energy centers of man has come to us from the East, the mere translation of the word means 'wheel'. The Chakras transform the energies of the universe and integrate them into our physical body. Of course they are not located in the dense physical body but one can feel their subtle energy because they still have their projections on the physical body. The most commonly used are the two of their projections on the front of the body and in the spine, where their location coincides with the specific nerve centers of the spinal cord.
Each chakra is associated with certain anatomical areas, near to which it is situated, so if we damage these organs, this reflects on the corresponding chakra. This is nothing more than a confirmation and evidence of the ability of men to make energy diagnosis and treatment.
It is believed that there are many energy centers in our body, but I will focus only on the seven major types of energy.
I'll start by stating that in the traditional literature, each chakra is associated with a certain color. This is not right. Chakras 'vibrate' in waves similar to those of visible light, so we can work with them, our minds associate them with colors.

Energy diagnosis and treatment

The seven main chakras are:
The first chakra is Maladhara-its red color is associated with the adrenal glands and the body locomotion. Located at the base of the spine, her mantra is LAM.
The second chakra is Svadhishthana-its orange color is associated with the excretory and reproductive system. Located around two inches above the pubic bone, below the navel, her mantra is VAM.
The third chakra - Manipura has yellow color associated with the pancreas and the digestive system. Located in the solar plexus, her mantra is RAM.
The fourth chakra, Anahata has green color associated with the thymus and the cardiovascular system. Located in the middle of the sternum, her mantra is YAM.
The fifth chakra - Vishutha has brighter blue color associated with the thyroid and the respiratory system. Her mantra is HAM.
The sixth chakra Ajna has dark blue color associated with the central and peripheral nervous system, eyes and ears. Located in the middle of the forehead, just above the point where the eyebrows are, this is the famous 'third eye' mantra OM.
The seventh chakra - Sahasrara has violet color associated with the pituitary. This chakra has no physical projection on the body. It has a cone-shape and is located in the fontanel, her mantra is AUM.
Each of these chakras is responsible for receiving and broadcasting a certain type of energy, which affects not only our health, but reflects on our life. The actual impact is quite complicated and can not be described, but for people with psychic gifts it seems like an assembly of different colors. The reason for their appearance lies in the resonant interaction of the chakras with the outside world.
The bidirectional link between events stimulates our chakras. The disorders in their resonance signalize for energy problems. They reflect on both our health and on many aspects of life. You
must know that the disturbance in the functioning of a chakra very quickly affects the overall energy flow, and the other chakras as well. That also explains the problems that begin to overwhelm without other apparent and understandable reason.

The Seven Chakras

Let us now return to the chakras. Each is associated with a certain kind of energy that directly affects our lives.
Our first chakra is connected with earth energy that brings stability. Associated with finance, because the energy of money is earthly in nature. Often, people who have problems with money have incorrectly functioning first chakra. It is important to note that the anomaly in this chakra does not always mean problems with the muscular system or the bones (the occurrence of such problems is related to another aspect of the Earth's energy-stability).
The second chakra is associated with the moon and the water element. It is relevant to our primary instincts, private and intimate life, and collective memory and procreation. Improper functioning leads to problems in your personal life, sexual dysfunction, difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship and also the inability to create one.
The third chakra is associated with the fire element and the energy balance as a whole. Improper functioning mainly affects the health and activity of a person. A similar problem makes him feel sick, lazy, or lacking vitality. Often such people have a weak will and character. This is the most vulnerable energy center, and must be protected because it is recovering very slowly. For example, diabetes is associated with problems in this chakra.

The Chakras and The Body

The fourth chakra is an intermediate (the first three are animalistic because they exist in animals too and they are related to our animal instincts. The following three chakras are spiritual and fundamental for our soul). This chakra is related to our romantic feelings. Problems with her ​​always reflect on our private life, most often resulting as numbness or extreme sensitivity and emotional instability. It is possible to show painful affection as well. This chakra is also relevant to our biological clock.
The fifth chakra is associated with our spiritual feelings: friendship, love for the country, or your closest ones. It is connected with the element ''air'' and is related to responsiveness. Problems with it lead to communication problems (or the opposite anti-social behavior or on the contrary, painful need of being in touch with people or excessive loquacity). Associated with the truth and lies, and often it suffers when we have to utter lies. Highly developed in mediums because it corresponds to a connection with the higher spiritual beings and parallel worlds.
The Sixth Chakra is associated mainly with the mind, thought and memory. Therefore, the problem with it is mainly expressed in the wrong patterns of thought, and that the principle of 'the energy following our thoughts' determines our lives. Here are the problems with the central and peripheral nervous system. This is the chakra that is always very sensitive towards negative energy or influence (magic). Pessimists, and people with 'rose-colored glasses' have problems with that chakra. It is the most highly developed in people with paranormal abilities.

Our paranormal abilities

The seventh chakra is associated with the cosmic energy and its blockage may be caused by karmic problems. Blockages in her inflict major disruptions in health and life in general.
With a little more practice, anyone can learn to see the 'color' of his chakras. As we have already learned the seven main chakras are the seven colors of the rainbow. If the seven colors of all chakras merge together one should get a white color. White is the color of harmony and balance. If we receive another color, that indicates a problem in the chakras.
We are able to fix anomalies in the chakras in their initial stage. It is achieved through meditation on them. You should focus your thought on the respective chakra and visualize the color in a harmonious state, repeating her mantra. For the lovers of crystals I will say that they can place directly on the chakra a precious or a semi precious stone in the appropriate color.
There are specific techniques to clears blockages, harmonize balance and stabilize the chakras.

Featured paintings by the talented Maryam Morrison

The lovers of crystals

April 03, 2014

The Invisible People

"The doors of the many mansions of the mind open both ways. They can let you enter other states of consciousness – or they can allow something or someone to enter yours. You should open these doors with care and caution – but, first, you must know how to close them. And, above all, you must know which doors should be left unopened."

Michael Bentine, Doors of the Mind

There are amazing stories of people who suddenly and
inexplicably become completely invisible - in their homes, at parties and even in crowded stores. Overturning the laws of physics, human beings leave the boundaries of three-dimensional space and go out of sight in front of their witnesses. The personality keeps its physical presence, the senses perceive the surrounding reality normally, but people cannot be heard or seen by others. This change occurs suddenly, often against the will and without the person noticing what is happening to him. That is an extremely strange and rare phenomenon called Human Spontaneous Involuntary Invisibility - HSII. The American leading specialist Donna Higbeein talked about that phenomenon in her study in 1994. She communicated with dozens of victims of the HSII in the U.S., UK, Europe, Australia, Puerto Rico and Brazil, and sought the opinion of prominent scientists in an attempt to define these extremely rare and strange cases. One of the first cases faced is that of Melanie from Ventura, California, which was struck by the phenomenon on the sofa in the living room as she stared thoughtfully at the opposite wall. At that time her husband was looking for her everywhere and in all rooms in the house, passing by her without noticing her. The incident lasted about ten minutes, then Melanie became visible again, to the amazement of her husband, who was convinced that she was hiding from him and refused to believe her version. Vera, a resident of the same city, with amazement noticed that she repeatedly became invisible (in a literal sense) to her friends in the post office, in department stores and other public places. Spontaneous invisibility today affects the life of Sheila Roanoke and Glenda from Fort Worth, Texas, the phenomenon occurring to them in cafes, cinemas, restaurants and airports. Janice from Minneapolis, Minnesota, also suffered a series of manifestations of the phenomenon, one of which lasted unusually long. As a teenager, together with her peers she attempted to steal something from a department store. The group was captured and taken to the police station. All participants were questioned but not Janice. Although she was taken to the police car by the officers and stood with the rest of the gang in the police station, neither the police, nor the staff and the guards paid some attention to her when she freely left the building. When Janice later discussed the incident with others, they did not remember her presence from the moment the police caught them in the store. 
The 37- year- old Peter, a resident of Gloucestershire, England  was invited to a private party and decided to go to the restroom. A woman was waiting for her turn in front of the restroom. Once out of the there, Peter headed to the living room, went to his friends and started talking to them, but they never responded. He thought they are making fun of him, so Peter turned to his friend and asked her for a cigarette. It became obvious that she never saw nor heard him. Enraged by his friends' inappropriate "jokes", the victim decided to go back to the woman who waited for him to go out in front of the restroom. He found her in the same place and she looked startled, apparently sure that he was still in the shower. Peter came back to the celebration and everything was fine. When he asked his friends why they did not previously respond to his presence, they said that they never noticed him. 
Three thousand years ago the Hindu sages "rishis" tried to achieve controlled invisibility as an element of the supernatural knowledge, reflected in the sacred Book "Vedas". Between 700 and 300 BC in India appeared a secret doctrine "Upanishads", containing these mystical teachings and practical guidance for mastering super mighty natural forces to influence the mind and shapes of the surrounding reality called "Siddhasana." Patanjali, the author of one of the earliest Indian treatise "Yoga Sutra" geared towards invisibility, trying to explain the process in which the body ceases to be visible. According to him, a person can become invisible to others through concentration and meditation. The process is associated with the transition to "a higher state of vibration" that separates millions of invisible, intangible and inexplicable spirits from our world. 
The Australian Aborigines, the archaic peoples of North and South America, tribes inhabiting the lands around the Arctic Circle, also knew the magical rituals associated with the invisibility phenomenon practiced by local shamans. From the thirteenth century on the continent appeared texts reproducing the skills of mages and wizards to become invisible.
H. Spencer Lewis founded the American branch of the Rosicrucian "Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis" in San Jose, California. He believed that invisibility can be achieved by a secret practice, the so-called "Ritual of invisibility," which envelops the participant in a "cloud-like" shroud. Helena Blavatsky repeatedly performed this ritual in front of witnesses. American spiritualists also knew the "cloud" and the process of its creation. Researchers concluded that the cloud is a substance integrated into the cosmic void area between the tactile and physical matter, invisible to the human eye, and at the same time very real. Laboratory experiments indicate that a "cloud" of free electrons would absorb the light beams contacting with it. A man surrounded by such a "cloud" man will not be visible and no image will reflect in the retina of the observer. 
We have not yet been able to deliberately create such a shielding image effect, but scientists like Michael Talbot, Karl Pribram and David Bohm developed a quantum holographic model of reality and that is a possible key to solving the enigma. According to him, the human mind is the "receiver" in the infinite network of frequencies that make up the physical reality in the form of universal superhologram. In a paper about the quantum hologram Edgar Mitchell developed the idea that sensory perception of an object is a bidirectional process, the brain is a quantum system. Between the mind of the observer and the image of the observed object there is the so-called "Complex resonance" responsible for detecting and distinguishing real shapes, proportions and density of the material body. If the resonance is absent, even if the eye sees the object, the quantum brain is not able to identify it. Quantum interpretation is a compelling version in the search of the truth about the processes of human invisibility, thus encouraging our efforts to get closer to knowing and mastering this rare phenomenon.
Through an understanding of quantum energy, we empower ourselves to awaken our inner abilities.

March 22, 2014

See Your Aura

See your aura

A princess became of age and the came for her to meet her lover. She heard declarations and oaths of love by many princes who came one after another to ask for her hand. They fervently assured her that they loved her and could not live without her. But none of the suitors succeeded to get even a smile from her. The Princess was so certain that "No one of you is my prince". 
Each month hundreds of candidates left the royal palace disappointed. Her relatives were in despair: "It is high time you chose a man! So many attractive young people are competing for your hand. Who are you waiting for? ".
"If I see him, I will immediately recognize him," confidently replied the princess. 
One fine day in the reception there entered a prince. He silently approached the princess and only stretched his hand. "He's the only one!", she whispered softly. 
"You must be very observant and careful. This young man did not say a word, how do you know that's your favorite?, "asked the astonished relatives. 
"I do not need words, because I see his charm. He gives me his heart."

Aura bubbles under the sea

What radiation spoke to the princess? What is this glow that does not lie? Showing the whole truth about a man, his true thoughts and true feelings?
It's all about the energy field that surrounds the body of man and that is called aura. 
Everyone has a special, invisible "egg" around him and that is an indisputable fact. Recently that was confirmed by scientists from the University of Tokyo under the direction of Mio Watanabe. A series of experiments with highly sensitive cameras were conducted so that the experts took pictures of the aura of different people and once again proved that each one has a unique look and shades of radiation. Now we'll talk about the colors of the aura. The transmission of each aura may be in several colors, but always one is primary. Over time it changes its saturation, brightness, even clarity. 

If you believe in numerology, it is possible to estimate by your date of birth  which color dominates your aura. For example, if you were born on 18/02/1993, the collection 1 +8 +0 +2 +1 +9 +9 +3 = 33. Continue until you get only one digit - 3 + 3 = 6. So the main color of your aura is 6 and that is blue. 1 is the number for red. This is the color of active, confident people with strong vital energy. In Chinese it symbolizes luck and nobility, and the Hinduism - life and action. "Red" people do not give up their goals and have the strength and courage to achieve them. They withstand heavy loads - both physical and emotional. Caution is advised with the nervous system.
When the aura is clear, even radiant, with a wide radius, that shows us that these are people in good health, optimism and strength. In modern life, with its rhythm and information boom you need to take care of your aura if you want to feel better. How to start?

Aura art picture

1.Take a Cold shower with cold water. This is the perfect way to quickly "wash" your aura. Water has long been known for its cleansing properties, and the cold water instantly releases the aura of the negative energy or dirt.

2.Sea salt. It is better to do that procedure before bedtime. Fill the tub with warm water and pour in it a handful of sea salt. Stay there within 5-10 minutes and then leave the salt on your body. Better stay this way all night until morning and then take a shower. Since ancient times it has been believed that salt gives the body a strong defense and keep people from negative energies.  

Red aura flower

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The Exorcist: Angels And Demons Do Exist!


''The devil may be driven away by prayers for a period varying from half an hour to several months'', says The Exorcist, Father Jose Antonio Fortey.

Have you heard of stories when suddenly two spirits gather in one body and take turns to "rule" it. Science has no explanation for this phenomenon, so I looked for the other point of view - that of religion. Even when the devil start possessing you, you still have a chance to save your soul without having to sign a contract with Lucifer. That is what Father Jose Antonio Fortey tells us. One of the most famous Exorcists in the world performs four or five exorcisms a year. When as a student he was ordered  to write a thesis on "Exorcism in the present", he first refused, but then humbly agreed. Today people from all around the world invite him to explain how he manages to deal with the devil. However, he prefers to stay in the church at a provincial Spanish city. And the possessed themselves discover him. In his biography "Memoirs of an Exorcist," he gives us a recipe for salvation from the clutches of the devil. 

That is my brief interview with this famous exorcist.

Father Fortey, would you present yourself in a few words?
I work as a parish priest in a very nice village. Anyone who thinks there may be a serious problem with the devil may knock on the door of our church, knowing that he will be helped out. 

Who is the devil? I mean that he is not just a symbol, right ...
According to the Bible there is not one but many demons among us. The devil is a personal being, not a symbol or energy, but he is a man. However, he is created as a spirit that has no body. People often do not believe in the devil, because he is presented with a rather infantile images. But all cultures, even before Christianity believed in the existence of these evil spiritual beings. I know what I'm talking about although many stories may sound pretty amazing, but angels and demons really exist. Many of the people who used to summon spirits when they were kids admit, "The glass moved", "the key moved", etc. 

Do you often come across people possessed by the devil?
On the contrary, that is something extremely rare. It takes about 4-5 years to discover a true case among all of those who come to me. Some have mental health problems, others believe they are possessed, but the real ones are very few. They have to apply some rituals of exorcism, which can be summarized this way -they pray for forgiveness of their sins, read the Bible, utter prayers and finally make a conspiracy so that the devil is thrown out from their bodies. This process can last from half an hour to several months. Finally, the man screams in a non-human way or cry and remain on the floor, completely free without remembering nothing from the exorcism. 

The Final Judgement

source 1.

March 18, 2014

The Power of Our Prayers

A Blonde Little Girl Angel

The Prayer is a kind of a mystical communication or a union with a Higher Power. It generates a powerful energy that connects us to something greater than us and brings us to a state of peace and harmony. The Prayer unlocks unlimited abilities, thus releasing our inner strength and wisdom.

Usually the prayer is considered only from a religious point of view. It is mainly related to religion, but in fact the prayer is not only a spiritual practice but also a scientific phenomenon. Many doctors and psychologists are convinced in the beneficial therapeutic effect of the prayer for the healing of the sick.

Scientists have witnessed a change in the mind of the praying person.

One piece of evidence is given by Dr. Jeraun Stauvel. He does an outstanding research on the length of the brain waves that are being emanated during a prayer. In a pathology laboratory he and a group of scientists chose to explore woman diagnosed with brain cancer. Their idea was to see what was happening on the surface of the cortex at the time of the transition from life to death.

They connected the woman with oscilloscopes and put a microphone, so the people in the next room could hear every sound. In the last minutes of her life, the woman began to pray with all her heart. To the surprise of the researchers, this caused the arrows of the oscilloscopes to indicate that the brain of this lady, although she was dying, radiated energy fifty-five times greater than the energy of a radio broadcast, able to send a message around the Earth.

A Cute Little Girl With A Flower

There are different opinions about the mechanism of the action of our prayers. Some argue that the energy generated in a prayer reaches directly to God, others - that it is transmitted by angels, and others that "our union with God" takes place only in the heart or in the brain of a man.

But undoubtedly the prayer emits vibrations to all parts of the universe.

Many people have a stubborn resistance to the word - "Prayer" and connect it with begging alms, weakness, inability to handle the difficulties alone, obedience, etc.

If this word causes such associations in you can replace it with another one. For example, you might call it - our communication with a Higher Power, a conversation with God, a sacred union, contact with the wisdom of the universe, etc.

In fact, the "secret" teachings of Abraham, "Orders to the Universe" and generally in the literature about the power of thought describes exactly this process, though called by different names.

Norman Vincent Peale - a Pastor and the author of his book "The Power of the Positive Thinking" explores the importance of the prayer from a psychological point of view to solve personal or business problems. From his experience, he brings a successful formula for a prayer:

1. Prayer.

2. Incarnation of the idea.

3. Realization.

The first step is the prayer itself - ask for something.
Whatever you ask for in a prayer, believe that you will get it: and it shall be given to you.

The second step is very similar to the visualization our goal. This is the time when you "see" what you want and you feel as if you have it.
This is a spiritual law - what we can "see" and imagine that we already have, we will get.

The third step is to trust God, to leave everything in his hands, to let things happen. This step corresponds to the assumption that In order to get what you want, you have to trust.

A Woman Dreaming

In a parable about the power of faith a father and a daughter were praying for rain. They prayed earnestly and fervently. When the daughter went out, she took the umbrella with her, though the sky was clear and the sun was strong. Despite the circumstances, the girl was convinced that it would be raining.
That is the law of attraction. Accept that you will soon have what you pray for.

How should we pray?

There is no need of a prayer with a specific text. Many authors state that repeating memorized phrases is less efficient than a sincere prayer coming from the heart. It may vary according to the situation, or according to the time.

In the Orthodox liturgy they use a special language - the Church Slavonic. But in a personal prayer you remain alone with God, so it is not necessary to use any particular language. Our Prayers should be very simple. We can't talk to God as if we were talking to a distant mythical being, because he is a friend, who is always with us.
Our Prayers can be uttered silently or aloud. They will always be heard.

There is no need to follow certain rituals, to kneel or to have candles or be in a church (though these religious spots are filled with a special energy).

In prayer it is all about feelings, not about words. Many like the formula - thoughts + feelings = energy.

A Girl Angel

The meaning of the prayer is not so much to convince God that he should give us what we want, but to reach some inner harmony, to find answers to our questions. When we pray for something, we have to listen for an answer, to look for the sign that will direct us.

The answer to our prayers is not always what we desire, but it is always for our best. The Clergy often says that we should pray to God not for what we want, but to express gratitude for what he has given us. Sometimes the universe does not give us what we want because something else has been already determined for us or because we are not yet ready to receive it.

The strongest is the thanksgiving prayer . When we are grateful for all we have, we attract more things to be grateful for.

The prayer for forgiveness plays a major role. When one wants forgiveness from the higher power that helps him to forgive himself and his enemies, so he gets rid of hatred, fear, guilt and condemnation. 

I believe that the prayer is very personal and intimate. One must feel it with his heart and soul, and there can be no specific rules.

Remember that the secret of a prayer lies in discovering the process by which your consciousness most effectively will open to God . And any method which will facilitate the flow of God's power to your mind is allowed and legal. 

What do you think?

A Tibetian Monk

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March 10, 2014

Healthy Recipe With Honey And Lemons

Honey recipe

The recipe I would like to show you is really good. About 15 years ago I used to have health problems and cough when the weather got cold so I used to take a bag of pills and syrups. 
My grandmother learned this recipe from the medicine woman in her village and told me the exact ingredients of this recipe and since then I have had absolutely no problems. 
My quick and easy recipe is not a very traditional one but a powerful energy booster to energize the body. It is perfect for us just after the weariness and fatigue from the cold winter and early spring and also for those of us who suffer from anemia. We should all benefit from it. Ingredients: one egg, fresh juice of about 1 kg of lemons, 1 large jar of honey, a large cup of nuts / raw / whole nuts, sliced, chopped or ground - a large cup in a deep glass dish, with one egg / raw and fresh / as whole shell, We wash the whole raw egg very well with water. Then we put the egg on the bottom of a deep glass jar. Cover with freshly squeezed lemon juice. We need that juice to cover the whole egg, i.e. the egg is dipped in the lemon juice. Cover the jar with a lid and leave it in a dark and cool place, better in the fridge, and keep it until the egg shell is fully dissolved. The shell is necessary because it naturally contains calcium. We need calcium to strengthen our immune system, along with the other ingredients so that we resist the spring weariness and fatigue. After the egg is fully dissolved, we add the honey from the big jar to the resulting solution, and mix well. It is also possible to use a mixer. Then add the walnuts to this mixture. Stir again. And then you get the final product. This egg will not deteriorate in time and there is no danger that it spoils the whole mixture because the juice of the lemon acts as a conservative. Every morning you should have one tablespoon of that energy booster. It's not hard for us to prepare. We wait for some time just for the egg to dissolve. Take a spoonful of the mixture in the morning and if you want, in the evening too. But be careful though - not over energize your body and bring it to a bouncing ping - pong excess energy. Be moderate and do not go to extremes. 
A jar of Honey and a green apple

I am a big fan of recipes with honey and this one is perfect for people who have anemia, for mothers who have recently accumulated fatigue because their immune system is pretty weakened after a continuous breastfeeding.
Another recipe to strengthen the immune system: in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening 20 minutes before meals we take 1 tablespoon (children under 1 teaspoon) of the following mixture: 500 g of pure honey, 20 green geranium leaves, 20 sweet almonds, crushed or ground, 100 g. ground walnuts, 1 tbsp. cinnamon powder and 4 lemons, crushed with the peels, but without the seeds. (for high blood pressure, add 20 leaves of geranium in '12 plain valerian tincture (pure) and tincture of hawthorn.
Note . Children take geranium leaves according to their age. For example, if the child is five years old- 5 leaves, if he is seven years old- seven leaves, etc. from the pharmacy.

A Honey Mixture

source and images: thegodwithinu

March 02, 2014

Bill Gates and Sergey Brin Against Meat

beef meat

Meat as a food product may forever go down in history if the two tech titans realize their ideas.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Google co-founder  Sergey Brin have started the promotion of the idea about the damage meat inflicts on our planet and the need to replace meat in our meals.
Each of these billionaires believes that people should stop ingbe carnivorous and now they seek alternatives to meat. Gates sees as an alternative the herbal substitutes such as soya and Brin goes much further by fundraising the experiment "beef" in vitro.
According to Brin if your ideas are not perceived as fiction by some people, your projects are not ambitious enough.
Brin has invested 405,000 dollars in a project for growing meat from cow stem cells at the University of Maastricht (Netherlands). Project Manager Mark Post managed to create a hamburger with that meat that was fried and promoted in London last year.
This technology allows you to really grow meat, they take a few animal cells and turn them into 10 tons of meat by using a technology similar to that currently used for medical procedures. According to the forecasts of the researcher artificially grown meat will hit the stores in the next 20 years.
"From an ethical point of view, there are certain advantages", says Post.
In addition, according to the him, the change will be beneficial for the environment.
Cows are not effective, they need 100 grams of vegetable proteins to produce a total of 15 grams of animal proteins, he said in an interview by the Guardian. We should not kill a cow, and it will not produce methane. 
There is nothing surprising in the fact that Brin has found ardent supporters in the face of such radical defenders of animal rights by PETA.
Some skeptics argue that the project of Brin has no relation to the protection of saving the poor animals, and this is just a logical step in the development of food industry, which will get huge profits in the future.
Bill Gates and his crusade against meat
Gates fight with the carnivorous habits of mankind in a different way, but the arguments he has are almost the same as those of Brin. He advocates the creation of vegetable alternatives to meat products.
Gates published on its website a statement by Michael Pollan saying that animal farms, which produce most of the meat and milk for us, are cruel places where animals are doomed to unnecessary suffering.
Most of his arguments are built around the impact of meat on health and the environment. He argues that there are ways to produce meat so that is enough to feed the entire population on the planet Earth. And he focuses on the fact that meat consumption has increased over the last 20 years, twice.
Unlike Brin, Gates is more concerned with changing the diet of people in favor of the environment and their own health. He is more interested in the revolutionary technology of food production by changing the way people think.
If we try a new way to look at what we eat and how that food comes to our plates, we will be more open to innovations for food.

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February 28, 2014

Life-Threatening Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Filling
Remove lethal amalgam fillings in your mouth and you will heal your body from many diseases.
Most dentists will probably never admit that the dental materials placed in your mouth are the cause of many diseases and the deterioration of our general health. It is true that conventional dentistry has contributed to an increase in chronic fatigue, emotional instability, depression, difficulties having birth, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and many other degenerative diseases. The use of amalgam fillings has a toxic effect on our whole body although this material is used very often as the cheapest one. Amalgam fillings are dangerous and deadly, because they contain the element mercury. In dentistry, amalgam is an alloy of mercury with various metals used for dental fillings. It commonly consists of 50% mercury, and some people wear these fillings in their mouth for more than a decade. Many dentists and the World Health Organization alarm us about the dangers of these fillings also referring to water contamination and environmental damage of mercury.
Dr. Hall Huggins who first began studying these fillings, says the least amount of mercury in the human body is life-threatening. As an example, he indicates an experiment with an ovicell , which in contact with the mercury fails to connect to the uterus although fertilization of that ovicell was successful. Huggins claims that the presence of mercury in the human mouth leads to emitting off gases 24 hours a day, which may be the cause of many life-threatening diseases. The main cause of chronic fatigue is notably mercury located in the mouth so it has to be taken out. Huggins dedicates his life to providing free support to people who are intoxicated by mercury amalgam fillings in their mouth. After the announcement of the study and the truth about amalgam fillings many dentists still deny the obvious facts, but Huggings continues his further investigation in this direction. Huggins sends a message to people around the world warning, " Take amalgam fillings out of your mouth, thus you will heal your body from many diseases." Amalgam fillings began to be used in 1800 in France, and dentists from around the world still use them today. Their production is cheap whereas dental porcelain is much more expensive, and most often they are placed the mouth of people who receive dental treatment through social insurance.

dental materials

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